Yeti Coolers “Wildly Stronger! Keeps Ice Longer”

Yeti Coolers

“Wildly Stronger! Keeps Ice Longer”

There is only one cooler that can keep up with Reel Therapy Guides, and that’s Yeti. Their coolers are the
most rugged and extreme coolers on the market. They take a tremendous beating and hold ice longer
than any other cooler out there. We never compromise in regards to gear and Yeti has proven to be
the best there is. With long fishing days of intense sun and harsh salt spray choose Yeti you will not be

Wildly Stronger! Keeps Ice Longer!

possibly one of the best investments you can make is a good cooler. They seem expensive at first but ask yourself how often do you have to replace those cheap wal-mart specials. Also consider how much ice you go through and how fast. It melts in the Florida sun. You will not be disappointed with a Yeti.

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