Come Fish With The Pros!!

Come Fish with the Pros!

The West Coast of Florida, especially Tampa, is world-renown for having some of the absolute best fishing variety anywhere!  Spectacular local fish include snook, trout, redfish, and tarpon, shark, cobia, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, pompano, bluefish, jacks, sheepshead, many different species of grouper and other species of sport and game fish

Fish the unspoiled waters of Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg. This area has vast preserves and protected wetlands. Tampa Bay is not only the largest estuary in Florida, but it’s also the Gulf Coast’s most diverse area in terms of underwater topography and includes tidal flats, sea grass beds, and backcountry mangrove islands full of pristine shorelines and winding creeks.

Come to West Central Florida and discover the thrill of battling giant tarpon or the ever-clever snook  off the bay area beaches.  Fishing in Tampa Bay offers many different opportunities to catch that trophy fish.  If you have been dreaming about catching the infamous “Silver King” known as tarpon right here is where you need to be.  With tarpon here averaging over 125 pounds your dream catch is just a booking away. Vast quantities of snook and redfish cruise the backcountry flats and are always willing to take an offering of live bait as well as artificial.  Our guides live to fish, know the best seasons, techniques and tackle, so you can fish with the greatest confidence.

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Inshore fishing – Our typical inshore flats fishing is a blast for anyone.  From novice to an advanced angler the inshore flats fishing have lots of opportunity. The backwaters of Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St. Pete as well as surrounding waters are full of species such as tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, and a large variety of other targeted species.  The average depth of water fished is about 3 feet.  Most of the fishing done on the flats is in relatively calm shallow water.   Many anglers enjoy the inshore trip because of the abundant wildlife and as well as variety of species to be caught. Because we fish near large schools of fish, you, your family and friends will have the opportunity to catch more than you can handle.  The flats are teaming with life, from eagles to manatee and dolphin, there is always something to watch if you’re not too busy catching fish.

Tarpon fishing – Our area is a nicely kept secret in regards to it’s tarpon fishery.  In early April tarpon can be found off our beaches and backcountry. Just to the south, tarpon migrate north to set up shop in deep depressions on the flats.  These tarpon are typically travel in small pods of 10-25 fish.

As we move into prime time tarpon season in May and June, tarpon migration comes full swing, around our passes and bridges. Live bait fishing along our passes and bridges is truly an experience of a life time!

“Hill tide” tarpon fishing – The “Hill Tide” is what is known as a very strong outgoing tide caused by the new and full moons.  These strong outgoing tides of May, June and early July create a major flow of crab flooding out into the gulf to spawn. Hill tides bring in thousands of small pass crabs that have been flushed out of the backwaters of the bay. When this happens the tarpon go crazy!  Most of the trips for the “Hill Tide” are evening trips.  There is nothing quite like watching the day come to a close on the Gulf of Mexico while you’re fighting your trophy tarpon.

Near shore fishing and offshore fishing is also available.



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